Cracker Trail Museum

Cracker Trail Museum

Welcome to the Cracker Trail Museum

Since its beginning in 1967, Cracker Trail Museum has collected over 4,000 items related to pioneer-era Florida history. Each item is maintained either within glass enclosed cases or strategically placed around the floor of the museum. Many of the larger items are provided in a setting that would be reminiscent of pioneer living. The items are identified with a tag that not only gives its description, but includes the name of the person who donated it. Proper records are maintained, so at any time, a guest may inquire about a certain item donated by a family member and its location can be retrieved through its computer data base. This procedure is used many times within the course of a month to assist family members for viewing a loved one’s acquisition.

Museum Hours

Open Monday - Friday 8am-5pm, closed for lunch

Contact Information

Joyce Tullis- Museum Coordinator
2822 Museum Dr
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890
Office Phone (863 ) 473-5076

Entrance Fees

General Admission: $3 plus tax

Children under 5: Free


Park Building Rentals


Picnic Shelters (not reserved ) FREE  
Picnic Shelters (reserved ) $50 + tax Daily
Pavillion $250 + tax Daily
  $150 + refundable deposit  
Nickerson/Ulrich Building $450 + tax Daily
  $250 + refundable deposit